Nashville Mole Removal

No More Moles, No More Holes!

Moles be Gone!

Looking for a reliable mole extermination service to reclaim your beautiful lawn from these troublesome critters? Look no further! Crieve Hall Mole Co. is here to provide you with effective and efficient mole control services that will leave your property mole-free and pristine.

No more moles and holes!

We don’t know about you, but moles are pesky little creatures. We spent countless hours chasing around the little varmints using various traps, advice from sports talk radio, YouTube, and pesticides with no luck!

We came up with a formula that has helped us rid moles off our property and we are ready to share it with the neighborhood.

We don’t get paid until we have a body!

I lost all my hair chasing moles away from my property.

—Alan C, Retired, mole hater

These guys know more about moles than I ever care to know. And now, I don’t have mounds of dirt in my yard.

—Joe R, Dad, Husband, mole hater

I spent more than I care to admit chasing moles with no luck. My luck has changed and my grass is back!

—Frank K,

No Body, No Fee!

We only get paid when we remove a mole. If we don’t remove a body, you don’t owe us a thing!



1 mole



1 mole

Mole Removal from Property



1 mole

Mole Removal from Property

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